GetBodiedbyJ + SlimClip Case

"Having an accessible, secure, comfortable, and easy way to listen to your favorite tunes or podcasts can be the difference between doing that extra set and reaching your fitness goals or the slippery slope of quitting your healthy habits"


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Face of SlimClip

When Fitness Mogul GetBodiedbyJ started using SlimClip Case for her workouts theWTFactory teamed up with

Israel Jacobs to show how a fitness professional enhances her workout with SlimClip Case

GetBodiedbyJ GetBodiedbyJ
SlimClip Case SlimClip Case
theWTFactory theWTFactory

“I like that I can slide SlimClip Case on my pants or sports bra and it stays. I can move around easily without any interference in my movement! Before SlimClip Case I was just sticking my phone in my sports bra but SlimClip Case is much safer and my phone isn’t rubbing against my skin.”

- GetBodiedbyJ